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Why people often claim having past life as famous personage, do Spirit Guides share such info...

 Is it possible for the spirit to retrograde in its development and why so many people claim they had past life in Atlantis or seen themselves as developed beings almost perfect?

Why we search ways to escape the real information about the past?

Listen the video for those and more topics... https://youtu.be/7HJN-7JroH0

For those who prefer to read as article:

Hi friends, my name is Pavlina Nikolova – past life regression therapist since 2010, trained with the unforgettable Dolores Cannon who gave allot to us all and now is our responsibility to use the method she left us with same care and precision in favor of people transformation and awakening, to help each other to become better humans. 

I am doing now this video to give a little bit information on topics I wish to share for all English-speaking audience that is interested in a past life regression or information about past lives in general. You don’t need to believe me blindly but my aim here is to make you think over certain things and to ask yourself some questions, then the answers will come to you very clearly.

I share a lot of information in my Bulgarian channel but since I started more often work with English-speaking people, I find necessary for such video to be made. When you research in You Tube what you find mostly are guided meditations to reach past life alone. Very rarely You Tube offers you to hear actual work, a real case of a person who was under past life regression and to follow the work done and to benefit from the answers and wisdom gained there.

Or the materials you find would always have some big name such as – Life in Atlantis, or past life as a highly developed being on different planet and so on and so on. 

I wish tell everyone who already had such past life regressions – you don’t need that fantasy; you are special and beautiful already in God eyes and you don’t need to give yourself such reconfirmation to be able to bear yourself and your hard life now for another day or another year until the next depression or next crises comes. I don’t deny that Atlantis existed, or that life on other planets do exist, I am only saying you need be very honest to yourself and seek past life therapy with readiness to hear the real answers, that won’t put you in humiliating position of course but will show the slow progress of the immortal spirit you are, and that is valid for all of us. 

But we do need those real answers, we desperately need to see that past as much as our spiritual guide could share to us, although it is restricted and information comes only certain quantity. Accepting and healing the past is the only way to continue with healthy mind and heart forward. We should seek and research why we suppress ourselves so much, why we are blaming ourselves for things that are not existing in this life, why do we feel anxiety in our heart and non-satisfaction of the life we have, what is the reason to feel that we are losing precious time, that time is running away and we do useless things.

And those questions won’t be answered by imagining a past life of very developed being that is almost perfect already – That is big contradiction to natural laws that are Gods laws too. Human spirit can’t retrograde – it can’t lose advancement achieved. So if you insist to escape behind the image of such perfect past lives and such beings that already reached perfection it means you are saying you forgot your noble qualities, you suddenly started to have envy, to be jealous, to be materialistic, to be egoistic… and that is not possible, because once progress achieved the person who achieved it in past lives will be the very same – their qualities and capability to love and help others will be very transparent and obvious to everyone, no matter if that spirit is reincarnated in the conditions of a  poor hut or in the white house.

I see one major problem why person would choose to give way to such illusions to come instead having a real honest past life regression where specific past lives explain their weaknesses now, explain the wounds they have now and give them the strength and motivation to change their path in current life. In my opinion the reason for all that is FEAR – fear of seeing who you really were, what you really did, things by the way that we do feel subconsciously so there is not real escaping from the truth about the past.  But its unnecessary worry because having spirit guides who take care of us, they do put a censure over the information and we see only what they want us to see. They kind of put a projector of light over the vast and dark library of our past lives and where the beam of light falls there is what you will grasp and see or feel during the past life regression process. Not everything, you are not allowed to remember everything because it is not appropriate and it is not the time to refresh your memory about your past fully. 

That is also something that might stay forgotten for long periods even when you are in spiritual form after this life, when you exist in the period between two incarnations. For example, very old memories of ancient past lives are brought to light into a spirit mind only if that spirit, already with good amount of progress, want to progress more and climb the ladder of hierarchy and this thing there in the very old past stop them from advancement until the debt is paid and past is healed. 

We must understand why do we fear seeing a real past life – it is because we have prejudice, we do criticize people, we divide things to good and bad, and we are afraid seeing ourselves as one of those we had criticized or blamed. But very often exactly that is the case. We had certain lives, certain trials in the past that left marks in our spiritual body and now meeting people who do same mistakes like those big failures we had in past lives reminds us of the pain and the remorse we had, remind us about the process of realization and awakening that probably we had undergone into a lower spiritual zone for a long period of time until we had felt repentance and were rescued by beings of light. 

When we are shown such past life where we did many mistakes and at end realized that we lost our precious time in physical body the aim spirit guides have in mind is not to make us feel down or humiliate but on the contrary – to see that past in new way, to forgive ourselves and all others involved, to understand the circumstances of life, to understand the traditions of the epoch, the education or the lack of it, and many more factors that will help us understand our past version, to forgive this past self and send love and compassion to this past self that keeps living inside our heart and keeps hurting and feeling pain for that long gone past because… it is still fixed into the events there. If we had forgiven completely to ourselves and know how to love ourselves giving us new chance same as God has given to us with reincarnation process, we wouldn’t have prejudice for people doing same type of mistakes, we would not criticize anyone, remembering how slow is the progress of the spirit, and we would have love and understanding to all people.

I do feel people who try escape behind past lives of famous personages of history or claiming they had been very developed in the past , they have need to reassure themselves of their own worthiness, to project something that will make them feel better… but if it is based on the mind desire to escape and preventing the deep digging of past life process then it wont last long, you might feel euphoric for certain time after ‘projecting’ yourself such ‘past’ but because is not based on true events it won’t feed your soul, it can’t become source of power for you.

Of course, some people had in their spiritual past lives where they were let’s say a ruler of a country, a king or prince, or someone who did some bigger impact over certain people. But in what way do we receive such information. As I said before your Spiritual guide, the developed spirit that is assigned to you before you were even born in this current life, is taking care of what information and how much we will be able to touch upon. One common thing for all developed spirits is that they do know the divine laws and they do obey them. So… they won’t do anything that might prevent your progress, won’t show any bit of information that might incline you towards developing your pride or develop dangerous vanity in yourself, because all of us we are weak still and need overcome certain number of issues yet. But when they see need for some person to feel the strength and abilities that were in his possession in the past, if they feel someone needs feel more self-assertive, or to learn they had overcome much bigger hardships in some past live events, then the spirit guides show information that from one side describe what the person did, and from other side hide names, hide anything that could lead to discovery of the true identity if this could do damage to the progress of that spirit.

We are all still very fragile and succumb easily to the temptations of glory, money, popularity, vanity, egoism, our pride is the thing that leads to many painful lessons. That is why such censure of information is very needed. And another thing. 

That so much abused name of Atlantis, it is very popular to claim you had past life there… but only person ignorant of the events there could say that to public – because that civilization didn’t disappear for no reason, the evil that happened there created the need for that big restart. Spirits incarnated in that place misuse knowledge. Of course, after destruction of Atlantis, they continued on their path of progress having more incarnations in different places but still carrying with themselves the past that need to be corrected and paid off, and the pain of the lost opportunity.

There is a tendency – the older past life you explore more ignorant and less developed your spirit would be, or at least in certain areas comparing to others.


Another topic I see great need to be raised is how exactly our free will is working in current life, when we have in mind that we are immortal spirits who already had different past lives and already exercised free will in past. It is very important to take into consideration ourselves as spiritual being with past existences and not to consider only this certain point in time when we have our current existence. Why is that needed? Because being under the influence of the divine laws, and nobody could escape divine laws, we must consider choices taken by our free will in that spiritual past, in past lives or periods while we were in spirit form waiting reincarnation process. You have heard many times ‘you can create your reality’ or the law of attraction and so on and so on, but what is not being said is that you already did some things, you already expressed that free will in past, and it triggers now consequences you must accept and they do affect you no matter if you accept or not.

For example, no matter if we speak about this current life in your younger period, or about past life existence, lets think of someone who abused power over other people, abused the position in work they were given and made life of many co-workers hell, just for the feeling of authority, of having that power and using it to show who is the boss, that he can control what happens to other colleagues. Such person uses their free will, nobody forces him to do such evil deeds and he does it by own desire and decision. Divine laws work in this case as in any other case initiating processes that after certain amount of time will hit back on that same person who abused power. The manner the energy will return is specifically connected with the misuse of power and how it was done. If he used his intelligence to make intrigues and people fell under his evil tongue and slander chances are same person might get mental problems at older age, or in next life suffer with injustices on his work places, no matter how often he changes the work environment. He could also suffer from antipathy at work without doing anything bad to anyone. In his case no explanations from that type – you think negative, and you attracted this reality by yourself. It doesn’t work. It is not that simple, but yes, he did create own reality in that far past when abused the power he was given and now is paying the consequences. 

When we realize such thing, we have to understand that it is not bad, it is just paying a debt, and we should be thankful God gives us opportunities to pay our karmic debts, to clean our past. We should show acceptance, humbleness, humility, and give our efforts in doing good now, being merciful, helping other people, doing our obligations. No matter what type of debt we carry and the planning we have about paying it, we can soften the process by every and each good thing we do to others, by each case we show ourselves as merciful loving person who is fast to forgive others and quickly forgets offences. 

The law of action and reaction works for everyone, the law of cause and effect is also known by most people although not very well understood, or let’s say understood only from one life perspective but not from the many existences of the immortal spirits we all are.

But there are many more divine laws that are carved in our conscience and since we carry this knowledge with us deeply, we know every time we trespass them, we deeply in our soul feel when we do something not right. So, we have no excuse saying – oh I didn’t know that.

But of course, materialism and worldly life make us sleep deep and we can’t feel the voice inside our heart warning us for the steps we take.

I want now quote for those of you who are interested to learn more, who really wish work on yourself and be a better you, here are some of the major divine laws combined under one title Moral Laws – quote is from The Spirits Book written 19 century by Allan Kardek, available for free download of pdf. In the third part of the book you will find - THE LAW OF ADORATION, THE LAW OF LABOUR, THE LAW OF REPRODUCTION, THE LAW OF PRESERVATION, THE LAW OF DESTRUCTION, SOCIAL LAW, THE LAW OF PROGRESS, THE LAW OF EQUALITY, THE LAW OF LIBERTY and the highest of all THE LAW OF JUSTICE, OF LOVE, AND OF CHARITY.

Those laws are explained in details and you will understand many thing related to how progress could be achieved, why work is necessary, is living into isolation going to help anyone reach perfection, does God understand prayer and adoration offered in different ways or languages, do we have right over our body to forbid any spirit to reincarnate through us and in what cases celibacy is acceptable, do polygamy create karmic debts, what is necessary and what superfluous, necessary destructions, collective deaths, ties withing the family, trials of riches and poverty and many other topics included in all those laws.

Many examples how the divine laws work in people lives you can read in the many books that are testimony of spirits of the dead themselves who tell in details about their past mistakes and how they were given chances to correct them, the preparation, the classes in spiritual colonies they attended and then the very return on earth. It is really impressive to see the theoretical knowledge we have about divine laws implemented and described into life events of certain person. Such books you can find under the name of Chico Xavier – Brazilian medium who left us great legacy of about 500 psychographed books written by different spiritual authors who used his unique mediumship to transmit to us their messages and testimony of life in the Beyond.

Also, very good cases are presented in Heaven and hell – book written again 19 Century by Allan Kardec, where spirits in different states explain where they are and how they got there, what type of life they had and how they passed through the death experience.

Why is it important that we keep studying and broadening our view of spiritual life? This for sure impacts the way you will perceive your experiences during dream state and during past life regression. The more your mind is open more easily you will understand your spirit guide messages, and at one point you won’t need past life regressions anymore because the information will come to you when you need it during sleep or even in awakened state.

I guess for the moment that is enough information.

So many things I share in Bulgarian that now I feel confused and I wonder if I repeat myself but I know I haven’t shared for the English-speaking people almost nothing in the years and I do keep meeting people who need help and we work in English. But for all of you I will create folder in YouTube with some videos that are with English translation, subtitles or audio, and cover those important topics I want to share to you. Also, part of the knowledge of spiritism that I met so many years ago was in the form of videos with English subtitles so I will include all those in the English folder I will create on YouTube – because we all need to rise our common knowledge on some topics and be more prepared.

Spiritist Medium Chico Xavier videos with english subtitles

Spiritist Medium Divaldo Franco videos with english subtitles

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