Past Life Regressions in English with Pavlina Nikolova

Sharing my observations and experience for those of you who are recently on this path of spiritual renewal and development and seek ascencion, and also feel confused in the ocean of information and desinformation that is around on the internet.


Given the new situation where we have to move on with our lives in a new way,
today :) I tried out the possibilities of online connection and conducting past life regression online.
I admit that, in the age of technology, I am probably one of the few who have opposed this particular way of working, compared to meeting a person live, unlike many of my colleagues who have adapted it a long time ago.
There are not one or two people who have asked me in the past for such an option, given the emigrant life that sometimes takes Bulgarians quite far from their homeland, to other continents even, and for some of them the option to visit Bulgaria even once a year is very difficult doable.
The process duration - same as the live regression - it is about 4-5 hours with all stages, and we need to arrange the technological part in advance to keep you calm.
The method requires basic technological equipment such as headphones or speakers, microphone and camera.
The process of regression is explained in advance in detail step by step to keep person informed and  relaxed completely - both in live regression and online guidance.
When there is a time difference between your country of residence and Bulgaria, we can comply with an hour that is convenient for you, since each of us will not leave the comfort of our own home.

Tax for the session is 80 euro and includes recording of the past life regression and if you prefer so we can record our preliminary talk also, often it is very healing too and worth have it in recording.


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Pavlina Nikolova

Introduction of the method

For the English speaking people who live on the theritory of Bulgaria and have some interest in Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, in finding more about their past lives as way of healing current issues in life, finding which way to go when they feel like being on a crossroad in life, in finding their purpose in life and mission of their soul... and many more questions important to each one of us, i am offering regression process in English language.

It is important to understand that to have a succesfull regression you need to make efforts and cooperate. It is not a magic pill that after you have taken it would be able to solve all your problems like a miracle - on the contrary - it will give you work to do with yourself, questions to reflect upon and decisions to make. But that's how the real process of soul transformation änd healing happens - with conscious work and desire to become better person.

Before regression it is important to know and try develop as much as you can two things:

- your intuition - 6th sense, or sensitivity, inner feeling... those are different words describion one and same thing - the languge our spiritual guides use most of the time with each one of us, giving us advices through inspirations, ideas, sudden thoughts, images, dreams, ''coincidences", key events around us who lead us to certain end... More about how to do that you can find on the Internet. I reccomend Silva method UltraMind ESP system - if you wish to learn by the books, or study the videos where Jose Silva explains what is intuition and how important is for us to develop it.

- visualization - the simple ability that every person has to imagine things, images with eyes closed. That is very simple to train - we actually do it unconsciously since childhood when we dream about our future, our dream house, dream job or beautiful place we want to visit... There is great difference between just imagine things with eyes closed by our wish and will and on demand - and to receive a vision. The second is totally different - it is given, it doesn't depend on us (in actual regression visions come spontaneously), some people can have it but most of us don't have so easily in awake state. Simple visualization is used to prepare person before doing a regression. It is like a training method for you to get used to relaxation through images, concentration for longer periods and also it helps you get into your inner world where intuition can be felt easily. If you never tried any spiritual methods and never practiced anything so far it will be very useful to train at home simple visualizations for 2-3 minutes, just pick subjects you think are important in your life and follow guidelines given in that video of Neville Goddard:

Don't try too much ''seeing" because that would stress you, imagine images, nevermind how clear you do it, just like idea of image or vivid if you have such imagination, but connected to your goal - whether it would be better health, new fulfilling job or happier relationships. That excercise with visualization that I give you to train your concentration before regression process actually is doing something much bigger for you - attracting solutions for the problems you decide to vizialize about. Just pick important goals if you wish your mind to cooperate in the task, and keep the rule - visualize for only what is most valuable in life. (not winning the lottery)

How long does it take for one regression - that is individual for each person and according to life situation - but it may take 4-5 hours including all steps of the process.

1st stage - we talk about all your life questions, issues, problems, trials you have gone through, relationships you would like to explain by this regression process, ect.

2nd stage - instructions about the process of regression, what to expect, how the process is happening, can we stop to go to the bathroom, what do you feel in physical body during past life regression, how to understand if all those images are not fantazy, how to control logical mind and its blockages, how we go through all stages of one regression - reviwe of life events, death scene, balance of past incarnation made by spirit after that past life and conclusions what you need to remember for current life trials and lessons. Explanation for the ending part of regression when is meeting the spiritual guide and asking questions to him/her; explanation of meeting of spirit of beloved relatives who had passed away, that usually happens spontaneously if we need to see them or when they need to give us a message.

3rd stage - actual work with past life regression - it may take between 1 hour - 3 hours, but mostly 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Person never feels this time like in awaken normal state, it flyies very quickly while we do that trip in past incarnations and talking to guides.

Process in not a hypnosis - very important to understand that! Hypnosis has been long time already removed from regression practice as not the best method in interest of the person under regression. Past life regression is made with relaxation and induces person into the dream like state but characterizing with bigger awareness, and altered state of consciousness that gives you access to your deepest memories. That's what we do - a trip in your memory. It is the most logical thing - we need be fully aware of all lessons we see, we need remember them, remember those feelings inside us so all that be a motivational force for us to continue in life much prepared and stronger no matter what kind of trials are about to come our way.

Getting out of level in regression is very easy - for example even during the process people usually stand up for using the bathroom and come back and we continue with no problems.

Past Life Regression Procedure and Important to know before session with Pavlina Nikolova

If you have any questions write me or call.

Pavlina Nikolova

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some of my regression recordings online (in Bulgarian language):

 transcribed into book - by Pavlina Nikolova

Sofia, Bulgaria
21 September 2019

Real story transcribed of past life regression session of spirit incarnated on Earth in 1982. With description of life on a space station and the first incarnation of the spirit on Earth in the 50ties, and wonderful talk and very profound answers from the Spirit Guide of the person.

 Method used QHHT, no hypnosis. Time of recording 1h 22 minutes. Total time of the session with preliminary talk and instructions 4.5 hours.

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