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PLR session transcribed - book by Pavlina Nikolova


Pavlina Nikolova - Sofia, Bulgaria, 21 September 2019 
Real story transcribed of past life regression session of spirit incarnated on Earth in 1982. With description of life on a space station and the first incarnation of the spirit on Earth in the 50ties, and wonderful talk and very profound answers from the Spirit Guide of the person.

 Method used QHHT, no hypnosis. Time of recording 1h 22 minutes. Total time of the session with preliminary talk and instructions 4.5 hours.

DOWNLOAD THE BOOK HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zF_Skh2qNFLcDu-mDn2WtJTtzreyMeH1

What is to be "alien" to this Earth and how is life in higher spheres
How hard could be incarnation on Earth for the first time and why so many souls leave
How to deal with the task of helping less evolved spirit incarnating as your child
The spiritual task of cleaning and cleansing, advises for very sensitive people who absorb all poisons from the environment
Planetary Transformation
Incarnation of high developed spirits on Earth
Transformation in the mothers who give bith in the past few years

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